on earth, as it is in water


Perceiving the textures of the space as an approach initiated by their forms or lack thereof, and completed by the viewer, the passive appliances (what Sean calls his sculpturey bois) encourage a dependency on the viewer’s capacities to receive. Meanwhile, audio placements act as spatio-temporal markers; a hitchhiker’s guide to exploring inner space within physical space. Zonal resonances create a perceivable sonic architecture, and Kin’s ambient world-building gently shepherds a sublimic flow of events within an eternal cavern. Editor illustration rolling hills
tent Derived from moving gently, shitposting, peering out of windows and an undercurrent of imminent ecological shifts, On Earth, As it is in Water is a temporary place for us to take shelter, providing distance and a barrier that suspends between us and the symbolic order of the world.

kanyewesanderson kanye wes(t) anderson
glimmer Editor illustration


In living, we desire for kinship. Touching and sensing, we navigate and negotiate through material and immaterial forms of knowledge, where elements within our perception whisper their presence. In pondering these proponents, they lead us through their lineage, allowing us to speculate on the energetic paths taken, to arrive here in front of our eyes. Preceding and succeeding our time, such materials have seen and heard planetary desires.

Microcosmically, the mood=place is emanated through the energetic exchanges performed through both Sean and Kin, and their processes.

rolling hills
cia fish
Earth as a name for our planet, and earth as the ground we walk upon. A breaking down of the cellular, conversion of energies and biological culture, understanding that we are but a series of energy conversions, from the earth we come from, we will eventually return to it.
Reminding us of the beauty within the standstill, sipping coffee as the clouds hurry along, we could make do with what we have in the present, and presence of.
Gently navigating and embracing the post-humanistic landscape, the space seeks to welcome possibilities that we can revel in, marveling in the ordinary, yet significant intertwining of our lives that convene to this very moment.

The tracing of the material: where it has been, what it has gone through to arrive to us. Preceding our human lifespan, it has seen and heard planetary desires.

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